The Cultural Strategy Cooperative.

BAM! Cultural Strategies is a consultancy and organisation company that specialises in audience development and cultural management.


BAM! was born in 2009 as an entrepreneurial project dedicated to innovation in the cultural sector. It was created by four cultural economy and project management specialists educated at an international level, with a long history of team working on their shoulders.

Museums, festivals, theatres, European projects, cultural areas, neighbourhoods and entire cities.

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to have worked on important projects in the most exciting role; we invest all our passion and our care so that every single piece of cultural content is at arms reach and can grab the attention of the most amount of people possible. We’re confident that even in the face of any kind of crisis, digital shift or ministerial reform, culture will always continue to change people’s lives. Providing it gets to them.

Cultural Strategy is a term that Gail and Barry Lord taught us in 2010, when they came to visit us in Bologna. Cultural planning is a school of thought that Lia Ghilardi enlightened us to whilst working beside us in a workshop in 2012 and over many unforgettable Skype calls, before and after the event. Audience development is a word that became trendy a few years ago used to describe almost everything that we do.

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How we keep ourselves busy:

Territorial Marketing
Creative Industries
Business Planning


Dado Baruzzi

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At BAM! Dado creates projects, studies interfaces, elaborates branding processes and deliberates over the identity of cultural organisations and geographical areas. Thanks to his quirky obsession for anything complicated, he’s often travelling around Europe giving talks on our projects and teaching techniques in workshops and master-classes, which we are only able to do thanks to our partnership with the IED and a handful of universities.

Federico Borreani

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He goes to the theatre a lot, but he’s more fascinated with the audience than the actors. He goes to concerts a lot, but only so he can sing. At BAM! he compasses, writes, manages and communicates European projects, but we suspect it’s just an excuse for him to run off to Brussels at any given chance. He’s a social media manager, but he’s not on Facebook, and he says that’s just the way he likes it.

Francesca Lambertini

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At BAM! Francesca writes and manages complex projects, keeps an eye on the budget and suppliers, and also monitors the impact of our actions and their results. Having clear ideas about “where we’re at” helps her to understand if there’s something not quite right and find out what it is; making sure the company’s on the right track, measuring the effort put in and maximising the results. At work, at home, and when she’s doing sport she’s (overly) a team player. Public speaking is not her forte, but without constant contact she can’t survive.

Rosanna Spanò

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She’s dedicated to BAM! full time: one of her many fixations is the economic sustainability of projects and urban and rural community initiatives, so much so that she fell into the social street ‘trap’. She’s very flexible and sometimes seems a bit off the rails. Among her many tasks she also manages vis-à-vis with MePA’s and general administration. One piece of advice: don’t ever look at the pile up of files on the desktop of her computer!


Elena Bertelli

She’s proud of her Copparese roots and graduated in History of Contemporary Art in Rome. She has always worked in the field of the development of emerging cultures, promoting creative talents and has professional experience in communicating with the public, companies, press offices and social media management. At BAM! She puts all these skills into practice by following the day-to-day of communication projects, digital strategy and cultural marketing.

Marta Scalvini

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Lucia Baruzzi

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Davide Barbarello

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Since 2009 the following have collaborated, helped and advised BAM!:

Andrea Berna, Milo Sarrini, Giulia Couzzi, Sofia Calzavara, Francesca Pedone, Giovanna Dell’Aqua, Davide Marchiori, Noemi Tarantini, Dario Matassa, Lorenzo Vercelli, Maddalena Meneghetti, Stefani Cognata, Eleonora Fraternali, Chiara Sagramola, Marta Moretto, Giulia Taurino, Davide Blasig, Chiara Bernasconi, Margherita Gagliardi, Pietro Passarelli, Alice Brignani, Damiana Senette, Giulia Dal Pont, Martina Lodi, Sandro Pasqual, Enzo Bevar, Elisa Paluan, Federica Onofri, Sara Bonini Baraldi, Simone Napolitano.

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