The audience analysis for the National Gallery of Parma  is one of the latest activities that BAM!, as part of the project WAY – We Are Yours has been carrying out since January 2013 alongside the authority in charge of the cultural, historic, ethnoanthropological heritage, of Parma and Piacenza. The aim is to intercept a precise section of the public that traditionally doesn’t go to museums – 18-40 year-olds.


During this long process, several actions have been alternated that have helped to create a new identity for the gallery and have enhanced both the online and offline communication devices in order to break down barriers entrenched between the institution and the city living around it. Some early forms of participation dedicated to specific targets were also tested, both with #EntraeScatta, a photo contest and specific online activities such QRPedia.
To mark the end of this journey, once the results of the first preparatory actions were collected, BAM! carried out an audience analysis of gallery-goers. The purpose is twofold: to define the impact of the two-year course and most importantly, to outline the different targets to allow a structured governance, actions and promotion and communication were cropped based on the needs of visitors.


Beginning in August 2014, the study will last a whole year and through different instruments, both quantitative and qualitative, it will outline the profiles of the users of the institution, aiming to divide the different consumption profiles in homogeneous clusters. At the same time, the initiative Adopt a NON-visitor will place a survey on the cultural non-public, that is those people who attend other institutions and cultural events in the city but that hardly go to the gallery. Investigating the reasons behind these choices will help to create a full picture of the various factors that separate the gallery from a significant slice of its potential audience.


Consult the questionnaire given to visitors of the National Gallery of Parma and the Teatro Farnese

Keep up to speed with the developments of WAY by consulting the page dedicated to the project, the website of the National Gallery and its social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr

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