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On March 6, 2015, the Can Museums Play? – Quando i Musei giocano conference was held in Bologna. More than 100 museum operators attended, with the aim of defining ways in which games could enrich museums and to try to consider games as an objects / tools that can be used to experience the museum “outside the walls”. The conference was attended by the Rijks Museum, Thackray Museum, Open Air Museum, Museum of Asian Art, Humboldt Forum, Pinakothek der Moderne, The Museum of European Cultures, Reinwardt Academie, The Polytechnic University of Milan and the NEMO network. The conference was organized by the Centro Zaffiria in collaboration with IBC Zaffiria Emilia-Romagna Region and part of the NEMO project with Italiantoy in collaboration with Calembour design and BAM! Cultural Strategies.


The founders and organizers of the conference needed to collect, in addition to the research carried out, practices and points of view of other museums at a national and international level on the topic of museums and games.


BAM! contacted some of the most innovative Italian museums with regards to educational activities and  carried out three short video interviews with: Annalisa Casagranda del Mart from Rovereto, Samuela Caliari from MUSE in Trento and Anita Todesco from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. The information gathered was used as a starting point for BAM!’s speech during the conference on March 6, which touched on themes of audience development, identity and teaching.

The search for best practice and different points of view was completed after the conference on an international scale, in particular by conducting an investigation on the issue of licensing.


  • You can watch the whole conference online: here the morning session, here the afternoon session (we would like to point out chapter 5, from 2h24m, where you can see our speech “Playing with identity – when teaching meets audience development”)
  • Watch the video interview with Mart, MUSE and The Peggy Guggenheim Collection
  • Download the pdf of Fifteen Phantasiestück Over Toys and Museums, published by Flavio Tuliozi, Italiantoy/Calembour design

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