Identity, communication and audience development
for the National Gallery in Parma


In the summer of 2012, the authority in charge of the historical, artistic and ethno-anthropological heritage, of Parma and Piacenza, in partnership with the National Archaeological Museum of Parma and the Palatine Library (all institutions housed within the complex of the Pilotta in Parma) participated and won a competition organized by the museum Mibact, aimed at enhancing and promoting innovative forms of cultural participation.


The competition invited the Institutes to establish more stable and continuing relationships with the local bodies, interacting with other local institutions (civic museums, foundations, universities, research centres, associations, etc.), supporting initiation of partnerships, in order to carry out the most far-reaching projects to which the Institutes could contribute by fundraising for cultural inclusion, with a view not only to develop access but also to promote innovative forms of participating.

The main objective is to intercept and engage 18-40 year olds, an audience segment that tends not to go to the places where the project is carried out: the National Gallery, Teatro Farnese, the Palatine Library and the National Archaeological Museum of Parma.


From January 2013, BAM! has planned a series of actions that will gradually reach not just the main target, but also other online and offline audiences.


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