Cultural innovation. Delivered.

From web platforms to the wunderkammer of cultural heritage, crossing over to project management. BAM! offers services, strategies and hands-on advice that cover all the different phases of projects.



Public, environment, impact. Analysing, understanding and mapping out the context is the first step to ensure the success of every action with regards to culture and other aspects.



From the idea to the project. To transform intuitions into numbers, actions and innovative tools. We organise solid and coherent projects from Bologna to Europe.



The practice of cultural innovation is made up of concrete actions, which we implement every step of the way: engagement, outreach, participation and networking.



We evaluate the results of every action in order to define the level of success, but more importantly to sketch out future strategical tools. From cultural administration to environmental administration.

Research and Analysis

Public Studies

Targets, segments and behaviour. We help cultural organisations to map out and better understand who their public and non public is.

Territorial Mapping

We carry out mapping studies and environmental benchmarking to support the coordination of cultural networks and to create the basis for fundraising actions and crowdfunding.

Impact Analysis

Strategies, tools and actions to monitor and measure the impact and the awareness surrounding the cultural projects in a given area.

Digital Strategies for Culture

User Experience

We develop platforms, media libraries and tools for the management and online appearance of artistic, photographic and multimedia collections.

Social Media Strategy

We write and implement involvement and participation strategies on social networks.

Digital Engagement

From online to offline. We plan participation strategies which transform virtual communities into real life communities, supporters and ambassadors.

Identity and Branding

Identity Building

Ways to individualise, describe and design the complex identities of institutions, projects and cultural events.

Graphic Design

We adapt online and offline identities to every type of material, using different channels to communicate the project.

Promotional Campaigns

From ideas to actions. We carry out and launch campaigns to choose concepts, tools, channels and promotional events.

Planning and Sustainability

Feasability Studies

We orientate cultural and environmental projects towards economic sustainability relating to business plans, operative budgets and economic projections.

Marketing Plans

From research to engagement actions. We plan complex cultural marketing strategies to bring together sustainability, branding and communication.

Bid Design

We support initiatives and networks to back cultural and creative enterprises: we plan public bids, manage selection processes and provide coaching services.

European Projects


We help organisations and cultural projects to orientate themselves around Europe’s 2020 strategies and financial projects: Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020

Support Work Package

We can manage specific services and parts of projects as a subcontractor, on many fronts: audience development, dissemination, communication and impact analysis.


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Place Making and District Activation

Activation and Networks

Over tables and through networks; we involve citizens and stakeholders in complex planning processes and mobilise them thanks to awareness and participation campaigns.

Place Branding

We support institutions in the creation of practical processes for identity building, branding and promotion, dedicated to regions, districts and urban areas.

Cultural Planning

We study the resources and the undiscovered cultural potential of an area, to provide the administrators with regeneration and launch strategies, triggering new processes of collective administration.