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A meeting open to the public with the presentation of projects and case studies from Italy and the Netherlands. The goal: to explore the possible interactions between museums, cultural heritage and digital participation.

After the introduction of the work, the first session will present the key concepts of the day and some of the most useful tools: the wiki approach to museums and use of open data for the cultural heritage. Wikimedia Italia will illustrate the activities of the GLAM Project, dedicated to improving the content related to the cultural sector on Wikipedia. BAM! Strategie Culturali will present the qrpedia project and its application to the National Gallery of Parma. Open Cultuur Data will bring the experience of the Dutch network that since 2011 is dedicated to the opening of the data in the cultural sector.

In the second part of the morning, the lens will move to two cases of exceptional museums. Matera 2019 tell I-DEA, the project of digitization of archives and collections of Lucania in a large virtual museum, widespread and accessible by all. The Rijksmuseums Amsterdam will present Rijksstudio, one of the most innovative projects in the world in the digitization and opening of the museum collections, based on the creative re-use of images of the part of the public works.


The conference program:

8:45 – Recordings

9.00 – Welcome address
Mariella Utili – Director of the Museums of the Campania
Joost Klarenbeek – Deputy Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Italy

9.15 – Introduction: why Wikimuseums

9.30 – Open & Wiki: cultural heritage and visibility online
Saverio Giulio Malatesta and Claudio Forziati – Wikimedia Italia
Davide Baruzzi – BAM! Strategie Culturali
Maarten Brinkerink – Open Cultuur Data

11 – Spread Museums: two possible models
Rossella Tarantino – Matera 2019 European Capital of Culture
Peter Gorgels – Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

12.30 – Conclusions and presentation of the rest of the program
The Workshop and Digital Marathon

13.00 – End of meeting

The Conference will be held in Italian and English, with simultaneous translation.


The Wikimuseums Conference is open to the public.
Admission is free, but registration is compulsory.
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