2.30 – 6.30 pm


A training session for a limited number of operators and professionals in museums and cultural heritage, to learn to deal with one of the most used dissemination tools in the world, Wikipedia.

A team of experts made up by members of Wikimedia Italy, Open Cultuur Data and BAM! Cultural Strategies will engage a group of professionals and museum operators in an intensive training session, theoretical and practical, about the use of Wikipedia. How do you become an author on Wikipedia? Which projects are already active in the GLAMs communities? How does it work with images? How do you measure the impact of an open data project?

In the second part of the workshop, the participants will be asked to get involved directly as contributors, experimenting their skills in creating Wikipedia pages starting from the artworks of Museo Pignatelli.

The Workshop will be held in Italian.

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The Wikimuseums Workshop is reserved for a limited number of professionals and museum operators.

It is possible to subscribe online before friday, April 20: the participation will be confirmed before friday, April 22.

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