About us

A team of professionals that works alongside cultural institutions and projects to construct strategic paths.

What we do

After starting out as an association in 2009, BAM! Strategie Culturali went on to become a cooperative in 2012. It works with museums, festivals, theatres, cultural districts, local organisations, universities, foundations and non-profit entities in Italy and across Europe, assisting them with cultural management.

Our expertise is available to consultants, designers, training personnel, communication and marketing professionals, helping them to develop the most effective strategies, focus on objectives, study feasibility and sustainability, monitor results and evaluate the impact of different actions.

Having observed the changes taking place in Italy’s cultural sector over the years, we have adapted our services to meet the new requirements and cover all the latest developments in the field: digital and social media; cultural and creative enterprises; urban regeneration, local marketing and cultural planning; audience-focused approaches, designed to boost engagement; the role of culture in community welfare.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate cultural access and ensure cultural involvement for an increasingly broad and diverse audience.

How we do it

We have developed our own vision, which we put into practice in our projects.

We are always striving to:

break down walls and barriers that keep people out of places of culture, bring communities closer to their heritage, develop a sense of pride in community assets and build increasingly open, inclusive and welcoming cultural spaces;

do away with top-down approaches in organisations, convince institutions to let go of some of their power and hybridise their skills, bring in new ideas and encourage a more open-minded attitude towards exploring practices from outside the cultural sector;

boost the quality of communication and cultural marketing, both tools that are still underestimated within our institutions, facilitating their proper usage and bringing an end to comparisons between real and digital;

focus on the public, dialogue and involvement, an awareness of the demand and its needs, while also ensuring that the reasoning is all about the offer, the content and the development of new and increasingly relevant cultural products;

innovate, in a very practical sense: fighting against organisational inertia on a daily basis, making an effort not to do things “in the same way they’ve always been done,” trying to change routines, even if just by a millimetre.


Federico Borreani

Analysis and Planning

Federico is a regular theatregoer, but spends more time looking at the audience than the actors. He also goes to a lot of concerts, but only to sing. Here at BAM! he conceives, draws up and plans audience development processes for cultural institutions, from audience surveys to engagement activities.

Francesca Lambertini

Planning and Monitoring

Francesca draws up and manages complex plans for BAM!, keeping an eye on the budget, suppliers, impacts and results. Having a clear idea about “what point we’re at” helps us to understand whether anything isn’t working, consequently allowing us to adjust our aim, measure our energy levels and maximise our results. In work, life and sport (strictly in a team).

Rosanna Spanò

Training and European Projects

Highly flexible and sometimes a bit wacky, her interests include the economic sustainability of projects and local implementation. A word of advice: avert your eyes from all the files stacked up on her computer desktop!

Dado Baruzzi

Digital Strategies and Communication 

Here at BAM!, Dado develops interfaces and supports cultural institutions in their identity branding and rationalisation processes. A lover of all things complicated, he travels around Italy to illustrate our projects and techniques in workshops and masterclasses, some of which are held in partnership with Italian universities.

Elena Bertelli

Communication and Training

Having grown up in Copparo, Elena graduated in contemporary art history in Rome and has always devoted herself to promoting emerging cultural trends and creative talents. Here at BAM! she plans the communication, digital strategy and cultural marketing processes, monitoring them on a day-by-day basis.

Milo Sarrini

Audience Analysis and Study

With his origins in the Maremma and Bologna areas, Milo is currently completing his studies in Cultural Management. He is flexible, has a very enquiring mind and is an excellent observer: of audiences … but also of plants, which are his most recent passion. He loves travelling and buying funky shirts.

Davide Barbarello

Administration and Management Control

Davide came to Bologna in 2005 to enjoy its excellent cultural scene and study Economics and Marketing. He then specialised in administration, accountancy and management control, particularly for cultural and creative enterprises. He spends his free time focusing on his biggest passions: music and physics.

Simona Canè

Branding and Graphics

Simona is a through-and-through Bolognese who loves mixing past and present, history and design, tradition and technology. With a degree in Communication & Marketing, she has worked for a number of communication agencies and brand design firms. Here at BAM! she plans and supervises the coordinated image and visuals for musems and cultural institutions.

Marta Scalvini

Tender Planning and Monitoring

Marta worked all over Latin America before deciding that Bologna was her home. She chose to specialise in international cooperation and economics for the non-profit sector and now works with cultural organisations, drawing up and managing plans and procuring funding. Here at BAM! she deals with planning, especially with regards to establishing budgets.

Silvia Basso

Social Media Management and Press Office
Silvia has Ligurian and Bolognese origins. She looks after the press office, focusing on tourism, sports and social media and creating online marketing strategies. A real Netflix addict, she loves her work and believes that her creativity is fuelled by travelling.

Pietro Mantovani

Comunication and Social Media Marketing

A somewhat unlikely fan of the most outspoken hip hop music, Pietro has a degree in philosophy and specialises in Digital Strategy and Cultural Project Management. He lives in Ancona, a city that he loves, leaving it on a regular basis purely to enjoy his return home. Here at BAM! he looks after Social Media Management.

Since 2009, the following people have also worked with, assisted and advised BAM!:

Lucia Baruzzi, Francesco Paolo Rolfo, Miriam Calabrese, Massimo Finistrella, Sofia Calzavara, Francesca Pedone, Giulia Albanese, Danilo Politi, Giulia Couzzi, Lucia Giannini, Alice Balerna, Giovanna Dell’Aqua, Davide Marchiori, Noemi Tarantini, Dario Matassa, Lorenzo Vercelli, Maddalena Meneghetti, Stefani Cognata, Eleonora Fraternali, Chiara Sagramola, Marta Moretto, Giulia Taurino, Davide Blasig, Chiara Bernasconi, Margherita Gagliardi, Pietro Passarelli, Alice Brignani, Damiana Senette, Giulia Dal Pont, Andrea Berna, Martina Lodi, Sandro Pasqual, Enzo Bevar, Elisa Paluan, Federica Onofri, Sara Bonini Baraldi, Simone Napolitano.

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