Comitato Promotore Bologna 2021

Project date

Study of the creative economy in the Metropolitan Area of Bologna

The project

In March 2012, Bologna began the process of drawing up its Metropolitan Strategic Plan (MSP). It held a series of meetings where public and private players from around the area were able to share their ideas and projects, with a view to coming up with a vision for the future of the Bologna district.


The Comitato Promotore [committee for the promotion of Bologna] commissioned a number of introductory reports to provide participants with an overview of the current situation, giving the planning groups a starting point to work from. The introductory report on the creative economy, written for the Innovation and Development Group, was commissioned from BAM! under the supervision of Stefano Kluzer.


BAM! wrote an introductory report on the subject of the creative economy in Bologna, primarily drawing upon the data produced by the recent ERVET “C/C Cultura e Creatività” study and on new data collected thanks to the second call of the Incredibol project, which BAM! ran on behalf of the Municipality of Bologna. The report offers a snapshot of the organisations that support creative start-ups and the current impact of services for start-ups, as well as trying to reconstruct an identikit of “creatives” in Bologna during the four phases of their career path: training, networking, profession, business.

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