Do you know your audience?

Do you want to attract new visitors? Would you like to promote loyalty among your current viewers? Do you think you need to review your cultural offering but don’t know whom to contact?

BAM! can work alongside you to study and categorise your audience, advising you on the best diversification, expansion and engagement strategies.

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What about your key resources?

Are you aware of your potential? Are you moving in the right direction? BAM! analyses the context in which you operate, helping you make the most of resources within your organisation, especially the ones you never knew you had!

Audience survery

An indispensable and engaging process

It’s easy to say audience! Real or potential? Analogue or digital? Engaged or contemplative? Every cultural project has numerous different audiences, which can be divided into categories: groups of people with different interests and specific cultural consumption patterns.

BAM! can conduct an audience survey that helps you identify your viewers and visitors, getting to know them better and choosing which targets to focus on. Studying your audience is not just a cognitive tool, but also an opportunity for increased visibility, engagement and expanding your community.

Our essential steps
  • The basics: questionnaires, interviews and focus groups for getting to know your current audience
  • Using the right partnerships, we study the potential audience and the non-audience.
  • Thanks to the data we gather, we then assist you in the strategic phase: categorising your audiences and identifying targets.
  • We come up with and develop survey communication campaigns, engaging your audiences and stakeholders.
  • We work with you to construct an audience development plan, guiding your organisation towards achieving and monitoring set audience goals.

Organisational analysis

Mapping resources for better decisions

A cultural organisation cannot overlook its own assets when deciding to embark upon a new audience development strategy. What are your strong points today? What links can you form to make your work more effective?

Boosting your number of strategic partners, joining networks and establishing links with stakeholders: BAM! works with you to identify these tools and advises you on how to use them to boost the impact of your organisation.

In practice?
  • SWOT analysis: we work together to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • We identify your stakeholders, your community and the networks linked to your organisation.
  • Thematic mapping and benchmarking: we give you details of inspirational case studies and projects on a national and international level
  • We measure the efficacy, positioning and visibility of your communication and your brand in your sector and your local area

How can BAM! make a difference?

We never leave you without sharing, communication and data.

We strive to involve staff and stakeholders in the analysis process. This provides added value and turns it into an opportunity for engagement, openness, visibility and partnership creation.

We don’t miss any opportunities to represent your organisation in the best possible way. We draw up reports summarising the results for different target groups.

You will know which indicators and monitoring tools we use and we will illustrate them to you clearly. Every analysis is always accompanied by simple and creative infographics featuring the data we have collected.

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