Don’t you speak ‘planningese’?

The road from the initial idea to the cultural project itself is a long one, but it always begins with objectives: from a small engagement activitiy to a major Audience Development plan, BAM! can help you ask yourself the right questions and construct convincing responses.

Do you want to explore Europe?

Do you fancy the idea of expanding your network on a European level? Have you already got contacts in other countries and you’d like to take part in a European tender with them? BAM! has been working with partners across Europe for years and can guide you on your way towards Brussels!

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How do you measure results?

Assessing the impact of cultural activities can be the biggest challenge, but we’re not afraid of figures here at BAM! and we like developing specific indicators for each project. Participation, enthusiasm, engagement, awareness: we find a way to make them count.

Strategic planning

Ideas in order, from the vision to the result

Arranging objectives, targets, actions, timescales and budgets, all the way through to measurable results. Constructing a clear vision, a desired cultural impact, on the local area or in one’s sector. Involving partners, stakeholders and audiences in the process.

Developing strategic plans and complex projects for cultural institutions can be a real undertakeing due to the number of players and networks involved with these organisations on a daily basis.

BAM! can act as your trusted partner, guiding you through every step of the planning process.

What we do:
  • We work alongside institutes to draw up an Audience Development plan: audience expansion, diversification and engagement strategies
  • We use cultural planning tools to support public organisations and policy makers in strategic local planning
  • We work on marketing plans (segmentation, targeting, pricing, positioning) and communication plans, digital strategies and online positioning
  • And, lastly, our real stregnth: participatory planning, involving staff, stakeholders, partners and relevant communities in developing your project or strategy

Tender planning

Seeking sustainability

BAM! can help your cultural project to get moving and follow the right path with regard to the support and funding opportunities offered by public and private bodies on a local, national and European level.

We can work alongside you in different ways: understanding whether your idea has potential and which tender you could put yourself forward for, helping you adapt it to the financial backer’s priorities, or assisting you directly in the application process. Depending on the tender, BAM! can also partner your organisation in implementing part of the project or supporting specific work packages.

In brief:
  • Consultancy and orientation: we work with you to find the most suitable tender for your project
  • Writing assistance: we structure the project with you to ensure it is relevant to the tender priorities
  • Writing the application: we write and put forward projects in response to local, national and European tenders
  • We develop some of the project activities with you, as a partner or supplier

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