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Training: BAM!’s expertise

Inside and outside the classroom

BAM! has gained extensive expertise over the years in developing modules and operations for training organisations, universities and institutions. Our team members have worked on classroom lessons, webinars, tutoring, mentoring and coaching.

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Subjects covered


Audience development, cultural marketing, digital communication, digital engagement, digital strategy, cultural design, community building, hands-on communities and stakeholder engagement.

The following organisations have turned to BAM! for training operations:

  • Università Cattolica di Milano
  • Università di Bologna
  • Università di Genova
  • Università di Ferrara
  • Università di Venezia
  • IED – Istituto Europeo di Design 
  • Fondazione Cariplo – Bando IC Innovazione Culturale
  • MIBACT, Direzione Generale Musei
  • MIBACT, Polo Museale dell’Emilia-Romagna
  • Regione Emilia-Romagna, Istituto dei Beni Culturali 
  • Comune di Bergamo
  • Comune di Bologna, Incredibol
  • Creative Europe Desk Italia – Ufficio Cultura
  • Funder35
  • Fondazione Fitzcarraldo
  • Cineteca di Bologna
  • Nemech, Musei Emotivi
  • ALES
  • SIDA
  • Demetra Formazione

Hands-on approach

BAM! sees training as much more than just traditional lessons: we believe in the power of discussion and debate and, above all, in the need for exercises and group work based on tangible scenarios and real cases, so that participants can put what they have learnt into practice straight away.

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Audience Development for BAM!

We strive to go beyond theory, describing exactly what it means – in practice – to build a cultural organisation around its audiences. BAM! has developed its own perspective on AD over the years, basing it on experience from the projects it has managed and observed all over Italy, not just on books and articles.

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The importance of practice

We are constantly building our context-specific collection of case studies to illustrate how cultural institutions, both in Italy and around the world, are diversifying and expanding their audiences, building communities around their cultural project: from “traditionally taught” cases to the most recent and innovative practices.

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