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European cultural projects

BAM! can be an ideal partner or key supplier for contributing to European project development. Find out what we can do together.

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Skills, experience and structured methodologies for European partnerships and projects

European projects represent a development opportunity for many organisations. They are chances for growth and exchange, but also complex projects that require the application of structured methodologies and specific skills.

The added value offered by BAM! in European Projects:

Over the years, BAM! has been involved in a number of European projects in the field of culture and beyond. We’ve been partners and suppliers for leading European programmes, including Creative Europe, Horizon Europe, Erasmus + and Interreg.

BAM! can provide a multi-disciplinary team of project managers, creatives, marketing and communication experts with in-depth expertise in the cultural and creative sectors, solid knowledge of European funding and design methodologies.

What can we do for you? We can act as a partner or service provider for your consortium.

Partnership, project development and writing

Services for your partnership and your project

Training and
capacity building

Partnership, project development and writing

Coordinating organisations and partners from different parts of Europe is the first challenge when developing a European project. To facilitate the workflow, specific methodologies have to be applied and suitable partners need to be identified. Thanks to its experience and expertise in strategic communication, marketing and cultural management, BAM! can be an ideal partner when it comes to facilitating the project development process and drawing up work packages.

What we can offer as a partner:

  • Project development and writing support
  • Strategic workshops to support coordination
  • Communication, dissemination and exploitation
  • Market and sector research and analysis
  • Impact assessment and monitoring
  • Application of participatory research methods
  • Much more … let’s find out together!

Would you like to find out what we can do together? Please get in touch to build a shared opportunity.

Services for your partnership and your project

Have you already won a European project? Are you writing a project and do you need a quote? If you are looking for a professional team to take care of certain activities, BAM! can support you with skills and services that can be tailored to specific needs.

  • Strategic communication and dissemination: from project identity development to the creation of strategic plans that seamlessly align targets, objectives and resources.
  • Participatory pathways: we design and organise participatory pathways, bridging gaps and breaking down barriers between project targets, beneficiaries and stakeholders.
  • Impact analysis and evaluation: we apply the most appropriate tools and methodologies to assess the social, cultural and economic impact of activities.
  • Monitoring: we construct monitoring plans for your project activities so that you can keep an eye on developments as they happen.
  • Cultural research: audience surveys, study and processing of qualitative and quantitative data. Where more knowledge is required and light needs to be shed on certain aspects of the cultural sector, BAM! can contribute with specially devised research and analysis.

Would you like to find out what we can do together? Please get in touch to build a shared opportunity.

Training and capacity building

Does your organisation want to approach the world of European cultural and creative design, but you don’t know where to start? Do you want to develop your team’s skills further by learning useful methodologies and models for project writing and consortium coordination? Starting with in-depth listening and analysis of your needs, BAM! develops tailor-made training and capacity building courses. Let’s delve together into the opportunities offered by European calls for proposals, learn how they are structured and explore the principal design methodologies to put in place to meet the challenges of Horizon Europe, Creative Europe, Erasmus +, Interreg and more.

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