Creative visual storytelling development for a historical urban area of Genoa

The Project

Hubs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship for the Transformation of Historic Urban Areas (HUB-IN) is a project funded by the European Union and developed in synergy with the Piano Integrato Caruggi that aims to transform and regenerate a number of historical urban areas, preserving their unique cultural and social identity.
There are eight pilot cities in the project that are working on selected areas to transform them into a “hub of innovation and entrepreneurship”, co-developing new business models and innovative solutions combining sustainability and cultural heritage.


For the purpose of implementing the HUB-IN project, the Comune di Genova has identified a scattered HUB on Via di Pré, connected to Via del Campo, Via San Luca and Piazza Banchi, as a pilot area for experimentation.
The municipality involved BAM! in the development of creative visual storytelling, one of the actions envisaged in the action plan and fundamental to achieving the project objective of raising awareness among young people, students and citizens about the historical, cultural and artistic importance of the historical centre.


In carrying out the project, BAM! is working in partnership with a local player: the social cooperative Il Laboratorio, based precisely in the Maddalena district, with which it had already collaborated on Open Vicoli, a previous regeneration and participation project in the same area of Genoa.
After a detailed analysis of the area’s specific characteristics and an initial mapping of relevant stakeholders, BAM! submitted several creative proposals for a visual storytelling project to the municipality.
Subsequently, co-design and stakeholder consultation actions will be implemented to deliver the visual storytelling project with a bottom-up approach.

The team will produce an identity-building proposal and communication strategy, coordinating the production of all the campaign materials and content.


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