Project date

The participatory design of a new visual identity for the library

The Project

The municipal library rebranding and new identity development project consisted of two main phases: a first phase focused on analysing and actively listening to the community and library staff in order to obtain insights and contributions, and a second phase to process creative inputs, thus developing the organisation’s new identity.


The library was founded in 1991 inside a farmhouse complex, saved from demolition thanks to staunch social campaigning. The logo was first revamped in 2007, when the spaces were renovated. The library was expanded in 2009 and the adjacent building was also acquired.

This growth, combined with a desire to reflect the needs of different targets, made it necessary to strategically rethink the visual communication.

The library is updating its image, while remaining a reference point for city life. A history rooted in the past, but which wants to project itself into the future, embracing all generations.


The process devised by BAM! aims to develop the library’s new identity by listening to its users and staff in order to understand how it is perceived by the community. These moments of exchange and sharing lay the foundations for creating a coherent graphic identity, which meets the needs of the organisation and those who use it on a daily basis.

Two key events were planned:

  • a strategic workshop with the library staff
  • a participatory workshop open to some local residents

In the first phase, starting by framing the needs and target audience, we worked on building a shared vision.

The second phase was necessary to delve into how the library is conceived by the community, involving a diverse group of people. The results of these two moments will provide valuable input for the construction of the new identity. BAM! will deliver a package with all the necessary graphic elements.


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