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Planning and impact assessment – mentoring from BAM!

Culture and creativity: measuring the change we want

Stakeholder engagement, shared values and sustainability can be constructed through involvement and sharing. BAM!’s approach and its specialisation in participatory processes fit naturally into these values, supporting creative and cultural organisations in measuring their impacts.

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Tools for designing and assessing using European standards and independently

Measuring impacts is essential for every organisation and ought to be accessible and economically sustainable. Because of this, we work alongside organisations from the preliminary analysis to the results processing phase, adopting procedures that aim to make them independent and providing them with a toolbox validated on a European level.

Training and capacity building

We aim to leave new, up-to-date and durable skills with the creative and cultural organisations we work with, proceeding on a step by step basis. We start with an initial introduction to impact assessment and methods, before providing staff with tools and approaches to either continue the journey with BAM! or carry out monitoring and assessment activities by themselves in the future.

Strategic mentoring and planning

We also aspire to make an impact: through training workshops, we help creative cultural enterprises and cultural organisations to identify the most suitable method for them to design their impact vision, identify the most consistent indicators and choose the most accurate tools for collecting, measuring and analysing data.

Data monitoring and analysis

Every organisation is a world with its own balances, building different relationships with the local area, stakeholders and audiences. Our processes begin with a detailed analysis of the context, within a logic of listening and sharing. We offer data collection, monitoring and analysis tools, co-designed with other European agencies, associations and institutions. They are open source and easy to use with or without the support of our team.

Results assessment and reporting

Clear, detailed reports targeted at operations: our coaching courses conclude by delivering the final assessment to the client, together with tools to bring about the change that the community demands. It is essential to develop content able to communicate results in all possible forms, to be addressed to stakeholders and audiences.

Museums and social impact: the MOI Framework

The European project MOI! Museums of Impact has developed the MOI Framework to help museums discuss, evaluate and choose development goals to increase their impact in society. The framework and the tools, freely accessible by anyone, are currently available in English, Italian, German and Estonian on the NEMO – Network of European Museum Organizations website.

As the project’s Italian partner, BAM! took care of the Italian translation of the framework. We’re available to help anyone wanting to use the tool in their own museum institution!

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