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Project date
2023 - 2025

BAM!, along with the Rete Dinamica partners, will be supervising the organisations funded by the Fondazione CRC call for entries

The Project

The Giardino delle idee is the name of the call for entries announced by Fondazione CRC to support and launch wide-ranging cultural welfare projects for the younger generations, to combat psychological and social distress throughout the province of Cuneo.
BAM! has been selected by Fondazione CRC to support the winning organisations in a structured networking and empowerment process aimed at strengthening the proposals and to look after monitoring and evaluation.


The Giardino delle idee call for entries finances five large cultural welfare projects involving players of various kinds and sizes; not only cultural organisations, but also schools, municipalities, health care companies, sports centres and associations.
Creating a link between entities that operate in such different ways is the main challenge involved in the Fondazione CRC project, which aims to build a solid local network in this way.


BAM!, in cooperation with the Rete Dinamica partners (MeltingPro and Ideazione s.r.l.),  has conceived and planned the strategic mentoring process that will involve the entities funded by the Giardino delle idee call for entries.

There are two objectives: to construct a solid local network and to strengthen the participants’ planning skills with an innovative approach.

The process will cover aspects such as project cycle management, impact assessment, human-centred design, stakeholder engagement and communication and will include both plenary meetings and meetings with individual organisations.

All along the way, BAM! will set up and supervise the monitoring and evaluation of the actions, with particular respect to the implementation of the five winning projects (monitoring activities and results, assessing effects and impacts on beneficiaries, partners and stakeholders) and the effectiveness of the mentoring process itself.

The process is set to conclude in 2025.



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