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The conclusion of the training organisation networking process, for Compagnia di San Paolo

By 6 April 2023No Comments

The final meeting in the cultural sector professional organisation networking process took place in Turin on 16 March.

The winners of the “Linee Guida Formazione e l’avviamento alla professione culturale” call promoted by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo come from Piedmont, Liguria and Valle D’Aosta.

The final meeting was a creative marathon aimed at carrying out co-design on the basis of five project ideas selected during the last of the many meetings held, taking it all the way through to the prototyping of the projects.
During the course of the day, the participating organisations had the opportunity to put their resources and skills into practice in a design session, working in groups that dealt with the issues highlighted by the networking process that had been ongoing since October 2022, guided by some Design Thinking techniques.

The activities were facilitated by the intervention of external guests who guided the creative process: first of all, the Critical Friends, representatives of local bodies and organisations dealing in various capacities with the field of cultural education, who interacted with the teams by pointing out positive and negative aspects of the project ideas being developed. In the afternoon, the Creative Friends consisted of makers and designers who helped the groups explore new perspectives for developing their ideas.

The projects, drawn up and prototyped using simple tools in view of the limited time available at the end of the day (short theatrical performances, analogical reproductions of questionnaires or websites, etc.), illustrated the complementary nature of training involving institutions and third sector organisations, sharing experiences of training practice in connection with the world of work and facilitating recruitment methods.

Themes for the day

  • Trainer network – For working together on possibilities to enhance the courses offered, integrating training interventions and “swapping” training professionals with different skills
  • Sharing good practices – The idea of creating a shared “archive” emerged in response to the need to pool the design efforts and training experiences of the various organisations
  • Evolved helpdesk – To provide secure and reliable information on fiscal and bureaucratic aspects, networking skills and knowledge, offering guidance and targeting artists and organisations in the cultural sector
  • New training format – To create a hands-on experience for following an entire project or production cycle, thanks to new supervision and mentoring mechanisms, thereby making it possible to acquire artistic/cultural and managerial skills
  • Network of networks – Establishing connections between student networks and networks of professionals and companies to facilitate matches between labour supply and demand

All these aspects are among the objectives that prompted the Fondazione Compagnia San Paolo to integrate a networking approach to the simple action of financing individual organisation’s training courses. It will be developed further in the next edition of the Training Guidelines, which you can read here.

The development of this network was supported by Rete Dinamica, in which BAM! is a partner alongside Melting Pro (Rome) and Ideazione srl (Alba): a network of consultancy companies in the cultural sector that aims to support cultural organisations in developing new strategic skills and mentor them by coming up with innovative solutions and approaches to new scenarios.