How does your audience see you?

Who do you reach with your communication? How do you present yourself externally, online and in your local area? BAM! can work alongside you to rethink your identity. Branding, signage and new communication products, created from scratch or managed on a daily basis.

How digital are you?

Is your organisation somewhat uncertain when it comes to the internet and social media? Do you want to review your appearance and tone of voice? BAM! can help you draw up a digital strategy for more effective communication with your current and potential audience.

Branding and digital strategy

Communicating for audience engagement

A coordinated identity, brand positioning and digital strategy are fundamental phases in the audience development process: they provide continuity between your online and offline presence.

Having a coherent image and effective communication is indispensable, as are digital engagement measures that strengthen your link with your audience.

BAM! recommends communication methods and tools that make the most of your cultural content: the best allies for strengthening ties and engaging your audience community. We accompany you every step of the way: rebranding and coordinated identity, graphics, signage and printed products, digital communication campaigns, positioning and engagement measures, and even support with ongoing web and social media channel management.

Our process
  • We begin with the strategic objectives: channel vocation, target identification, expected results and performance indicators. This is all then brought together in a communication plan
  • We can start from scratch or update your brand and coordinated image, involving your stakeholders and audience in the process
  • We develop all the tools you need: physical and digital supports, from guides to theatre programmes and museum signage
  • We activate and manage social media channels, create text-based and multimedia content, and work on a day-by-day or event basis, growing and interacting with your fanbase
  • Do you want to reach a specific target? We create and develop audience-engagement projects
  • Do you want visitors and viewers to get involved? We co-design crowdsourcing initiatives so that your community can play a leading part
  • We measure results on an ongoing basis and keep you informed about the traffic and contacts generated

How can BAM! make a difference?

We never leave you without training and guidelines

We feel it is very important to share skills and expertise. As part of our work, we always try to train staff to handle communication on an independent and proactive basis, ensuring that the necessary skills are developed internally.

We always leave tangible materials that can be used to continue developing the strategy. Producing guidelines and reports is a fundamental aspect that enables organisations to continue thinking about their channels in a strategic manner.


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