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Audience Development according to BAM!

Breaking down barriers between culture and the public

We are passionate about ensuring that all your cultural content reaches and engages as large and diverse an audience as possible.

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What is meant by Audience Development?

Audience Development is traditionally defined as a set of cultural organisation theories and pratices that aim to:

  • make the cultural content more accessible, comprehensible and approachable to the intended audience;
  • meet the needs of existing and potential audiences;
  • help cultural organisations to develop long-lasting relationships with their audience.

Research, programming, education, mediation, logistics and marketing: Audience Development is a wide-ranging aspect, touching upon all the roles and professions within a cultural organisation or project. It’s a sensibility, a way of looking at culture and organising it.

Every audience is perfectly ready to understand and be engaged by cultural content: the producers of culture have to undertake to reach the audience, listen to it, make themselves understood, study its needs and do away with any obstacles.

In short, Audience Development regards everyone working towards an increasingly large, more diverse and happier cultural audience.

Audience Analysis

Studies, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups. BAM! works alongside your institution or project to build an audience database: not just demographic profiles, but interests, motivations and passions. And we don’t just look at your existing audience, but also at the audience you don’t yet have and would like to have.

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Audience Engagement

Engagement is a continuum, from the mere observer to the active supporter: the process begins with outreach and then engagement. BAM! can work with you to develop the best strategies and plan practical steps to be taken, especially as regards digital communication and engagement.

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Creative Europe

Since 2014, Audience Development has been one of the main priorities of the European Union Creative Europe programme, which funds projects in the cultural sector. Are you preparing a European project? BAM! can advise you about the right approach to take or provide training and mentoring on this subject.

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