• Regional Museum of Skane, Svezia
  • Finnish Museum Association, Finlandia
  • Hungarian Open Air Museum, Ungheria
  • Creative Museum, Lettonia
  • History & Art Copenhagen, Danimarca
  • Radiona Zagreb Makerspace, Croazia
Project date
2019 - 2022

New adult training methods using creative practices at museums

The Project

CREMA  (Creative Making for Lifelong Learning) is a project funded as part of the European Erasmus+ programme. The project is being led by the Regional Museum of Skane. CREMA came about due to the need observed among European museums for innovation, opening up to new audiences as places for adults to come together and learn (lifelong learning): a reference point for local communities, as well as for tourists and students.


Today, more and more museums are developing and working with creative spaces (making spaces or makerspaces), where people can create, innovate and experiment, drawing inspiration from the museum collections. CREMA aims to map and study best practice, experiences and approaches on a European level to identify common models for promoting collections through creative activities. Creative-making offers important innovation opportunities for museums and the project is designed to study some of them in greater detail: involving marginal audiences, bringing different generations together, reaching out to marginalised people within the local community, developing a welfare culture and promoting creativity in business. CREMA’s ultimate objective is to spread creative practices with the aim, on the one hand, of encouraging museums to explore new ways of involving people and, on the other, of promoting museum use among people who do not visit them.


Over a three-year period, CREMA will map the European situation and organise experimental activities at museums and other cultural institutions (workshops, laboratories, events) to study potential applications for creative processes in lifelong-learning. The project will produce a series of themed guidelines to lead the cultural sector towards innovation through shared museum-based creative-making.

Being a partner in the CREMA project is an important opportunity for BAM! Strategie Culturali, giving it the chance to learn, discuss and exchange ideas with other key players in the European cultural sector. BAM!’s role within the project particularly involves drawing up guidelines on involving new audiences, through the development of creative activities at museums. BAM! will also work alongside one or more Italian cultural institutions on the creation and development of experimental activities.

Each partner has contributed to the deepening of the topics covered by bringing its own experience and specific skills during the project meetings, but especially during an intensive training.

The guidelines will be based on the experimental activities organized by each partner. BAM! has included in the project the experience of Museo Fuori! in collaboration with the Museum of Italian Risorgimento and the Accorsi-Ometto Foundation of Turin and has realized a cycle of 3 workshops of 3D scanning, ceramics and embroidery in collaboration with the Civic Museums of Imola (Making at the Museum).


Kick-off meeting

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