Project date
2024 - 2025

A strategic consultancy process that combines data management with capacity building and communication with audience development

The Project

In operation since 1997, the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine is Udine’s main theatre. With its 1230 seats, it welcomes different communities of audiences thanks to its diverse programming (prose, opera, music, dance) and its hosting of major initiatives including the Far East Film Festival, the most comprehensive review of Far Eastern cinema in Europe.


Seizing the opportunity for a period of change and reorganisation, the theatre feels the need to listen to its audience’s needs and boost the effectiveness of certain communication channels. It is also a time for rethinking organisational processes and reorganising the internal data chain, with a view to moving in new directions in the future.


The BAM! team will support the theatre for two years on a strategic consultancy path combining data management with capacity building, communication and audience development.

Starting with a survey of current and potential audiences, BAM! will draft an audience development plan and a data strategy to guide the foundation’s staff in improving skills and tools in order to use data and communication channels more effectively.

The resulting reorganisation of internal resources and the optimisation of communication, analysis and data collection tools will allow the theatre to further develop dialogue with its audience and boost its engagement through targeted communications.

Header image by Elia Falaschi


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