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Communication and audience survey for the third edition of the cultural welfare project in Emilia-Romagna

The Project

Sciroppo di teatro is ATER Fondazione’s cultural welfare project, now in its third year. The initiative is aimed at expanding Teatro Ragazzi audiences, allowing children between 3 and 11 years of age to visit participating theatres together with their carers at a subsidised price. Indeed, paediatricians from the Emilia Romagna region can “prescribe” the theatre to families by providing them with a voucher to see shows for just 3 euros.

Sciroppo di Teatro is promoted by ATER Fondazione – Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare dell’Emilia-Romagna, in collaboration with the regional councillors for Culture, Health and Welfare, ATER member municipalities, paediatrician trade unions and scientific organisations.


During the second “Sciroppo di Teatro” BAM! supported ATER Fondazione in assessing the project’s impacts on the main beneficiaries involved in collaboration with the Università di Bologna.

The research produced some interesting results, showing that the initiative:

  • encouraged an increase in the number of family shows on offer, enabling theatres to reach more families in the local and surrounding areas
  • expanded the Teatro Ragazzi audience, with the voucher scheme even involving families who do not usually go to the theatre (more than 11,000 participants out of a total of 19,000 used “Sciroppo di Teatro” vouchers to attend shows)
  • prompted an increase in cultural consumption among families who were already in the habit of going to theatres, thus constituting a means of penetrating a specific segment.

For the third edition of the project, ATER Fondazione turned to BAM! to gain a better understanding of the ecosystem represented by its audiences, examining their needs, habits and interests.


BAM! is assisting ATER in surveying the “Sciroppo di Teatro” audience by designing and administering a specially created questionnaire to create a snapshot of the families that will take part in the initiative in 2024.

Furthermore, BAM! will support ATER in holding a strategic workshop together with representatives from participating theatres and staff from participating ATERs, reflecting with them on the future development of the initiative.

As in the case of the previous editions, BAM! will continue to update the graphic design and create communication materials for theatres, municipalities and paediatric clinics, from paper to digital, enabling the network to develop increasingly coordinated project communication.


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