Our facilitation, capacity-building and networking process for the “Digitale per la cultura” tender.

The Project

Since 2020, Fondazione Caritro has been supporting local cultural organisations through the “Digitale per la cultura” tender, with the aim of stimulating projects involving the use of digital technology to foster cultural enjoyment in the community. Through this tender, the Fondazione promotes multi-stakeholder collaboration and partnership building with ICT companies.


After the first three editions of the “Digitale per la cultura” tender, the Fondazione Caritro decided to embark on a new capacity-building process for participating institutions designed to facilitate cooperation, share specific knowledge and encourage stakeholders to develop innovative actions with a view to networking.
To achieve these objectives, the Fondazione acts as an enabling body that can support the organisations and encourage the sharing of experiences, solutions and good practices.


Between February and July 2024, BAM! is working alongside Fondazione Caritro in a facilitation and network management process to boost the cultural offer and help achieve the tender objectives. In addition, by adopting a co-design approach, BAM! is supporting the in-house team in the strategic development of the new edition of the tender.

After mapping the organisations concerned and their needs with regard to digital transformation, the entities are assisted in building a practice-based community to develop joint projects.

Subsequently, in order to enhance and strengthen the organisations’ internal skills, BAM! has the task of organising three capacity-building webinars on the topics of cultural design, context analysis and digital transformation.

The mentoring concludes with a feedback event aimed at promoting knowledge, collaboration and the sharing of skills in order to develop highly innovative projects.


Digitale per la Cultura 2024

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