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Capacity Building

Mixing skills and shaking up theory, practice, case studies and exercises

Rather than providing traditional training, BAM! develops capacity-building and comparison experiences: a small dose of theory to put the language into context, a rich selection of case studies complete with results and measured impacts, and lots of practical exercises for putting yourself directly to the test in simulations and real work scenarios.

We like to encourage an ongoing exchange with different sectors and worlds, making comparisons with other areas and contexts and drawing ideas and inspiration from other projects.

Our strengths
  • We develop training and mentoring courses on audience development, cultural marketing and project management
  • We create formats and events that combine workshops, round tables and group work
  • We work alongside cultural start-ups and young creative enterprises to help them identify their business strategies
  • Our professionals can assist training organisations in developing specific modules within broad and well-structured training courses

Network and community mentoring

Involving, improving and connecting: building communities of practice

Opening up to different areas of expertise to discover new ways of working helps cultural organisations and professionals to emerge from their self-referential bubble.

In order to achieve this, we help organisations to form networks and develop structured dialogues with their stakeholders (including those outside the cultural sector), consult the local area and their partners, and incorporate their audience’s vision.

Our strengths
  • We start up and manage complex co-planning procedures within the cultural sector to stimulate an exchange of views and build communities of practice
  • We introduce facilitation procedures into professional networking meetings in the cultural and creative sector
  • We build network identity and communication, making it strong, credible and sustainable over the long term
  • We give the community the skills it needs to manage a project independently when our assignment comes to an end

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