Project date

Organisational analysis, capacity building and functional improvements to boost the efficiency of communication and promotion processes targeted at different audience segments

The Project

Starting with the 2022/2023 season, the Teatro di Rifredi in Florence became part of the spaces managed by the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana – Teatro Nazionale (Teatro della Pergola, Teatro Era, l’Oltrarno – Scuola di formazione del mestiere dell’attore). In the previous period, between 2020 and 2021, the Communication and Promotion sector of the Teatro della Pergola underwent some organisational and functional changes. At the time of the merger, this office took its current form by incorporating the staff responsible for the communication and promotion of all three organisations.

During these phases of change, BAM! was involved in order to support the work of professionals in the sector, jointly identifying strategic development objectives and audience development actions to be implemented. It was asked to analyse the organisation and improve internal processes, establishing synergies with other offices and bodies of the Fondazione where possible.


The merger process undertaken by the three organisations inevitably involves some periods of change that need to be managed. This context of improvements and rethinking offers an opportunity to identify and pursue strategic audience development objectives, pinpointing new organisational structures and new internal processes to expand the involvement and reach of differentiated audiences.


The BAM! team conducted an internal analysis through the active collaboration of theatre professionals, identifying new coordination methods and identifying strategic development prospects. Starting from the results obtained and the needs identified, it then designed and implemented a strategic workshop and capacity-building course focusing on audience development.



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