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BAM! in the virtual classroom with Unibo for an Audience Development Workshop

By 20 May 2020May 27th, 2020No Comments

Three days of distance learning on AD, from theory to practice, with a focus on a highly topical subject: reaching and engaging audiences during lockdown


From Thursday 16 April, BAM! will link up with the Università di Bologna to present its point of view and a few case studies as part of the Audience Development Workshop led by Roberta Paltrinieri, Professor of Sociology of Cultural and Communication Processes and Scientific Director of DAMSLab.

The workshop aims to provide participants with the tools to understand how cultural enterprises should deal with constantly differentiated audiences, real audiences, potential audiences and non-audiences. Two months of educational activity designed to provide an understanding of the role of cultural enterprises in the development of the community,and the associated cultural policies that make the audience play a proactive part in the creative process.

After an initial introduction to the concept of AD and brief illustration of what engagement and outreach mean, we will present various Audience Development case studies, including some developed by BAM! and others from the international scene that have come to our attention.

Lastly, in order to provide participants with the information they need to understand and act in the current situation, we will reflect on a number of different ideas regarding AD practices applied by cultural institutions closed to the public. It is primarily during particular situations, such as the one we’re experiencing at the moment, that cultural institutions have to implement new strategies so as not to lose contact with their audiences or the opportunity to reach new people and new communities.


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