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Digital Transformation: BAM! services

Digital transformation: a paradigm shift

Data management, process design, digital engagement. BAM!’s approach to digital transformation aims to develop cultural institutions’ knowledge and expertise and improve relations with cultural audiences.

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Data, tools and skills for real transformation

BAM! services are designed to strategically address the broad and complex topic of digital transformation.

Let’s start at the beginning. What is digital transformation? Digital transformation is a process in which digital tools, skills and technologies are applied to an organisation’s day-to-day work to boost efficiency, stimulate public engagement and create new value. Digital transformation therefore involves integrating this new perspective into all the organisation’s processes.

Digital transformation differs from digitisation and digitalisation, two concepts that may be part of the digital transformation process, but do not cover it completely. Digitisation aims to encode information by converting it from analogue to digital format, as in the case of creating a digital museum collection.
Digitalisation, on the other hand, is about how digitalised data can be used to improve organisations’ workflows by automating or streamlining existing processes, while fostering efficiency and transparency.

However, digital transformation goes beyond this distinction and concerns a real paradigm shift: a quantum leap in which the organisation thinks digital before analogue.

BAM!’s approach builds on this distinction to address digital transformation projects in an integrated manner.

Training and capacity building

We aim to leave new, up-to-date and durable skills with the creative and cultural organisations we work with, proceeding on a step-by-step basis. We start with an initial introduction to digital transformation topics, before providing staff with tools, approaches and know-how to continue the journey with BAM! or manage the challenges of digital transformation on their own.

Data Management & Analysis

Every organisation has its own practices and customs when it comes to using digital tools and collecting and using data. Our processes start with a detailed analysis of the information held by the institution, reconstructing a data supply chain, from collection to utilisation.

Process design

We aim to develop shared knowledge and expertise to make the most of co-design tools and methods. Our ultimate goal is to improve processes and streamline workflows, with a focus on sustainability and transparency.

Digital engagement strategies

BAM! has decades of experience in audience development, namely in projects aimed at broadening, diversifying and engaging cultural audiences. Over the years, we have developed our own digital-based approach, taking inspiration from the Digital Engagement Framework. We develop tailor-made communication, community engagement and digital marketing strategies.

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