Project date
2023 - in corso

A pathway for raising awareness and supporting the cultural sector in the move towards digital transformation

The Project

The Istituto centrale per la digitalizzazione del patrimonio culturale (Central Institute for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage) – Digital Library was set up in 2020 to coordinate and promote the Italian Ministry of Culture’s cultural heritage digitisation programmes.

The cornerstone of the Digital Library’s activities is the National Plan for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage (PND), published in 2022. The plan represents the strategic vision through which the ministry intends to promote and organise the sector’s digitisation process. Its purpose is to overcome the fragmentation that has characterised heritage digitisation projects to date, facilitating the creation of the necessary cultural, technical and scientific context for implementing digital transformation.


Although the plan is the result of an open and participatory process, and is already a key document for numerous Italian cultural institutions, it needs to be relayed to and disseminated among a wider audience.

The complexity of the plan and its highly innovative vision calls for ad hoc support, by aligning industry players with shared visions, approaches and tools in the move towards digital transformation.


BAM! is supporting the Digital Library on the complex path towards the implementation of the plan and the activation of a series of support tools for Italian cultural organisations.

The process is made up of two main actions:

  • research, analysis and benchmarks for planning effective support tools;
  • conception, planning, management and promotion of a series of public meetings to relay and circulate the PND.



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