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Audience Measurement in the digital era: the BAM! workshop

By 30 October 2023January 17th, 2024No Comments

BAM! supports the work of NEMO’s Digital Transformation working group.

The subject of audience measurement in the digital field has been central to questions and debates in the museum sector for a number of years. The pressing change that characterises and influences the contexts within which cultural organisations operate has led to museums having to deal with an increasingly integrated and interconnected system of offerings, straddling the online and offline dimensions.

For their part, audiences are increasingly familiar with the use of technology and the relentless pace of change. All this leads people to adopt behaviours and habits in their daily lives that influence their expectations regarding the cultural experience. Visitors are increasingly focusing their gaze towards a convergence of the two worlds and an integration of the physical and digital context, leading digital organisations to have to develop their own engage-and-retain languages, tools and techniques. Not taking this context into account and separating the two physical and digital dimensions, looking at them on an individual basis, leads to a methodological error.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to place the visitor at the centre of the organisation not only to provide a valuable cultural experience, but above all to see the visitor as a constantly evolving source of information. It is precisely this latter aspect that requires reflection in order to be able to adopt the tools, develop the knowledge, and put the appropriate techniques and methodologies into practice. The visitor is therefore an element of information to be drawn upon, a mirror of the changes taking place – not the only one but certainly one of the most important.

Based on these assumptions, the Digital Transformation Working Group run by NEMO, the Network of European Museums, asked BAM! to design and moderate a workshop on the subject of measuring audiences in the context of digital transformation. The workshop will result in a brief for a research project that will form the basis of the group’s work for 2024. The set objectives are to analyse the subject from various perspectives, to understand the main topics of the subject on which the group wants to focus, to align visions and, by sharing the various identified needs, to offer a timely response to the requirements of the various museum communities on a European level.

BAM! Strategie Culturali became part of NEMO in 2022, joining forces with the Digital Transformation Working Group in 2023. Read the Working Paper we wrote and keep following us to stay updated!