More than 15 video lessons available on the Dicolab Cultura al digitale platform

The Project

Dicolab. Cultura al digitale is a new portal with an extensive training programme. It is entirely free of charge and is organised into thematic areas and numerous different pathways, aimed at professionals and organisations in the Italian cultural system.
It offers cycles of webinars, multimedia courses and podcasts.

Dicolab is a project promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture – Digital Library within the framework of PNRR Cultura 4.0, implemented by the Fondazione Scuola dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali and financed by the European Union – Next Generation EU.


Training is a strategic component of the major European digital transformation challenge, including within the cultural heritage system.

The Dicolab platform was created with the aim of offering tools for improving and updating digital skills for professionals, operators and organisations in the sector.
This professional growth will help foster the development of a new digital cultural heritage ecosystem, whose tools and languages everyone will have to learn how to use.

In this context, BAM! Strategie Culturali and other experts in the sector were called upon to provide their expertise in the field of digital transformation.


Through the voices of Francesca Lambertini, Elena Bertelli and Federico Borreani, BAM! provided the content for a number of teaching units within 3 multimedia courses – MOOCs on the topics of digital data, online communities and strategies and tools for digital communication.

At the end of each video unit, participants are invited to take short quizzes. They are also awarded an open badge at the end of the lesson, certifying the skills they have acquired.

The courses also involve other professionals such as Alice Corona – data visualisation and communication consultant, Alberto Ferrari – Director of the Museo Galileo, Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, and Alba Irollo – Research Coordinator at Europeana.

Some of the courses are already available and can be taken online free of charge:


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