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BAM! is back at UniBo with a workshop for the “Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts” master’s degree

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The academic year has started for BAM! too, with the Laboratory of New Trends in Arts Management and Technology.


A workshop forming part of the syllabus for the master’s degree in “Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts”.

Also known by the acronym GIOCA, the two-year programme in the Department of Business Sciences at the School of Economics and Management, Università di Bologna, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, involves Elena Bertelli, partner and head of communication projects at BAM! She will be teaching an optional workshop, devised by BAM! with the aim of introducing new approaches and tools for developing projects designed to boost visitor numbers and increase audience engagement at cultural organisations.

The classroom teaching consists of twenty-four hours of theory, practice, group work and meetings with professionals, supported by tools to facilitate the strategic development of a communication project – such as the Digital Engagement Framework – and multidisciplinary and collaborative methodologies, borrowed from the Museomix format.

Each lesson is divided into several sessions, designed to stimulate discussion and debate, as well as to raise questions and address doubts regarding the identification of participatory proposals.  The involvement of experienced creatives in the field of audiovisual and graphic design, who routinely collaborate with BAM! and who are present in the classroom for an entire planning session, helps students to develop ideas and design a final product, to be presented during an examination at the end of the workshop.

There are also plenty of case studies featuring cultural institutions on the international scene, operating in the museum, audiovisual, library, performing arts and live music sectors, among others, selected to inspire the people enrolled in the workshop in the development of their own ideas, as well as demonstrations on the use of technology and creative processes by the experts involved in the workshop.

Thanks to these teaching practices, which aim to involve students as much as possible, BAM! brings its approach to training and capacity building to the university classroom.

Workshop deliverables

The students enrolled in the workshop, divided into two groups, developed and presented their own project for a cultural institution or a network of cultural organisations in the city during the examination.

 “Arcipelago Urbano” is the name of the city network conceived by Rime Mandroux, Giulia Monte, Margherita Fumagalli and Mathilde Valat, formed by the main cultural organisations based in the “Manifattura delle Arti” area of Bologna. Their project within this network is a digital platform, named Bol.Lab, designed to connect the various network organisations closely by pooling their resources and through digital transformation, and to inform the public about the cultural offering they are planning.

 “TELA presento” is the urban and participatory art project drawn up by the group formed by Lilian Albrecht, Benedetta Lo Verso, Lise Berthelier, Alessandra Sabbatini and Sofia Tishchenko, who put themselves in the shoes of the MamBO Museum in Bologna. Public and participatory art actions, on a hot current topic such as the right to housing, aimed mainly at an audience of elderly people in the city, who do not usually visit museums and art galleries.

Want to find out more about the Laboratory of New Trends in Arts Management and Technology and the “Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts” master’s degree?

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