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Strategic support gets underway for the emerging network of museums in Rimini

By 27 March 2024April 17th, 2024No Comments

Last November 2023 saw the conclusion of the first phase of Coltivare una rete: futuri condivisi per i musei (Cultivating a network: shared futures for museums), an in-depth study and mentoring course on the subject of museum networks, promoted by the Settore Patrimonio culturale della Regione Emilia-Romagna with the support of BAM! Strategie Culturali.

Following the cycle of thematic meetings, which saw the active involvement of more than fifty museum institutions from across the region, the second phase is now getting underway: a mentoring process, dedicated to one of the network projects that took part in the meetings and developed and presented their proposal in December.

Out of the eleven candidates, the emerging network of museums in Rimini was selected as the recipient of tailor-made mentoring course run by BAM! with the aim of boosting the project and laying the foundations for its development.

The Rimini museum network project, led by the Comune di Rimini, has also been joined by Met and Musas (Musei Comunali di Santarcangelo di R.), the Musei e culture extra-Europee del Comune di Rimini, the Museo della Regina in Cattolica, the Museo del Territorio “Luigi Ghirotti” in Riccione, the Musei di Bellaria-Igea Marina, the Musei Civici di Montescudo-Montecolombo, the Museo diffuso di Poggio Torriana and the Museo Civico Archeologico di Verucchio. The project aims to systematise museum offerings in the Rimini area, creating stronger links and collaboration between local cultural institutions.

Alongside the project with the Rimini museums, the Settore Patrimonio Culturale has also decided to use its resources to support other candidate networks, recognising their work and interesting development proposals.

The other selected candidates are:

Ecomusei di Emilia Romagna, with the aim of setting up a regionally recognised network that promotes and shares the unique features and common needs of each of the numerous organisations spread across the area;
Musei per l’Alzheimer Emilia-Romagna, a network project created following the example of the Musei Toscani per l’Alzheimer;
Depositi e patrimoni in rete, which grew out of the RE-ORG training course and is geared towards connecting experts in deposit management strategies;
Patrimonio culturale ebraico: un tesoro da (ri)scoprire!, with a project to improve the organisation of the various institutions promoting Jewish heritage and culture in the area.