Project date

Audience and network analysis for the development of new strategic actions

The Project

Festival Danza Estate is a contemporary dance event held in the city of Bergamo. Now in its 32nd year, it has always prided itself for launching major national premieres, while also shining an invaluable spotlight on the most promising emerging companies.

The festival has a loyal audience and a consolidated network of stakeholders, who often play an active role as partners in the organisation of various initiatives.


Over recent years, the festival has worked on its programming and organisation, introducing a number of new features. In order to assess the impact produced by these changes, the festival asked BAM! to analyse its network and its audience with a view to identifying new network engagement strategies and ways to diversify and expand its audience.


Following an initial workshop with the festival staff to provide a clearer understanding of the strategic analysis objectives, BAM! used a variety of different tools (questionnaires, interviews and focus groups) to carry out the audience survey and set out the strategic guidelines for the engagement of new audience segments at the next festival.

At the same time, BAM! also mapped and analysed stakeholders and went on to identify specific engagement actions.

BAM! is now developing a specific communication campaign to inform the audience, clients and operators about the listening survey that will take place at the 2020 edition, underscoring its openness to dialogue with the festival city.



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