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Baleno: the first festival at the Parco della Malpensata

By 3 July 2019May 22nd, 2020No Comments

This major three-day festival is one of the most important landmarks in the “Parco Creativo della Malpensata” regeneration project in Bergamo. Due to take place from 22 to 24 June, it will feature music, film, theatre, sport, workshops, food and drink. Don’t miss out!


It all began due to the need to bring the Parco della Malpensata back to life, turning it into a better used part of the city following the regeneration of the green areas and the development of a new multipurpose centre. This need is being met by the “Parco Creativo della Malpensata” projected developed by the Cooperativa Sociale Patronato San Vincenzo, Comune di Bergamo and us here at BAM! The project is being co-funded by the Fondazione Cariplo and involves all sorts of activities, impact analyses for the activities carried out and the creation of guidelines for the development of future projects, all the way through to events that bring people together and get them involved, such as Baleno Festival: an event organised by Pigmenti, Tantemani and GATE, which focuses on cultural and sports initiatives open to everyone during three days of creativity at the heart of the neighbourhood.

The festival will be a very important opportunity for us to continue our work on the “Parco Creativo della Malpensata” project. We’ll be conducting interviews throughout the event, asking festival-goers to complete a questionnaire on how they perceive the park. We’ll then analyse this data and use the results to guide our work, looking at the public feedback on their needs and impressions and using this to plan activities at the park in the near future.

Here is the three-day programme:

22 June, 10 p.m.| concert by Istituto Italiano di Cumbia
Davide Toffolo, Cacao Mental, Malagiunta, Los3saltos and many more live performers with the Verano En El Manglar show.

23 June, 9:30 p.m. | theatre performance by Il Terzo Segreto di Satira
A hybrid comedian, an anarchical event focusing on politics today, a blend of web/live content and a narrative journey.

24 June, 9:30 p.m. | open-air screening of FAME by Giacomo Abruzzese and Angelo Milano
in partnership with Lab 80 cinema, film presented at Bergamo Film Meeting 2017

And also:

  • 23 June (6–7:30 p.m.) | presentation of the latest issue of Bandita, the magazine of the Tantemani workshop*
    Presentation of the third issue of the magazine dedicated to the Parco della Malpensata with reading of the editorial and tour of the park, a theatre performance by Anch’io Teatro and contributions from the councillors Maria Carolina Marchesi and Nadia Ghisalberti
  • 24 June (6:30-7:30 p.m.) Concert in the Park by Gershwin al Jazz
  • 23 June (4–6 p.m.) | Innumerevoli workshop (adults only)
  • 24 June (5–7 p.m.) | Animaliamoci (workshop for children over 5)
  • 24 June (5–7 p.m.) | A mano a mano workshop (adults only)
  • 23 and 24 June
    Parkour course for beginners (4–6 p.m.) and the advanced (6–8 p.m.) * by ParkourWave in partnership with Festival Danza Estate
    Malpensata Street Basket 3 vs 3, old-school 3 vs 3 tournament

Find all the details on the event Facebook page and the Baleno Festival website. We look forward to seeing you in Bergamo, where we may well ask you some questions about the future of the Parco della Malpensata!