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A levar l’ombra da terra: a questionnaire for the thirteenth edition of the festival!

By 10 July 2019May 28th, 2020No Comments

From 28 July to 11 August, “A levar l’ombra da terra” will bring theatre, reading and dance to thirty different locations in the province of Bergamo.

Now in its thirteenth year, the festival has decided to use a particular tool to find out more about its visitors. It contacted us here at BAM! to ask us to develop and distribute a paper questionnaire during all thirty-six performances, held in twenty different towns in the Bergamo area.

“A levar l’ombra da terra” was launched in 2008. Its organisers have demonstrated their growing dedication on a yearly basis, and since then the event has worked hard to reach the theatre, poetry, cinema and music non-audience with a cultural offering designed for people who are not accustomed to consuming culture. It is reaching further and further afield, covering unexplored areas and travelling all the way to the mountains where, this year, “A levar l’ombra da terra” will arrive thanks to the partnership with the Bergamo branch of the CAI and the Fondazione Cariplo: don’t be surprised, therefore, if the programme includes performances and readings centred around mountain themes, to be enjoyed in huts on the Bergamo Alps, surrounded by nature!

Precisely because of its aim to reach an increasingly large audience, the Associazione A levar l’ombra da terra felt the need to learn more about their tastes and consumer habits, both as regards the cultural offering and as regards the programming. In order to meet this need, we here at BAM! have developed the questionnaire to be distributed during every performance, screening and reading this year.



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