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“Spelt woman, read community”: an equal opportunities campaign in Emilia-Romagna

By 22 May 2024No Comments

Inform, represent and engage, through the voices of those involved

How can we let as many people as possible know the results achieved by the Regione Emilia Romagna’s initiatives to promote equal opportunities, foster the inclusion of women in the world of work and implement policies and services to prevent gender-based violence and help victims of it? And what are the opportunities for organisations wishing to promote projects to empower women and combat gender-based violence?

These are the questions underlying the communication and promotion actions that BAM! launched together with the Equal Opportunities Department of the Regione Emilia Romagna and the council’s Information and Communication Agency on 8 March 2024:

  • the creation of a database of all projects supported thanks to regional tenders,
  • a multichannel communication campaign,
  • the creation of a reporting event,
  • an urban outreach project, in the premises of the Regione Emilia-Romagna, at the foot of the Kenzō Tange towers.

The different content on which these actions were developed is described in the project summaries, which can be found on a new section of the Equal Opportunities Department website, and in the many written, oral and illustrated accounts of the organisations that participated in these tenders by devising original and highly articulated projects throughout the region and of the women who benefited from them.

These testimonies were the source of inspiration for the three campaign subjects created by illustrator Sara Garagnani and copy writer Gianluca Montebuglio, which have been visible throughout the region since Friday 8 March, in print, web, audio and video formats, in a multichannel logic that includes social media, print media, radio, TV and screens in the main railway stations.

Urban space bears witness

The voices of some of the project beneficiaries were then graphically rendered on a large scale, using the campaign identity, and used to cover the windows of the entrances to the various offices at ten different street numbers in the buildings where the Regione Emilia-Romagna has its headquarters. Moreover, words of redemption and encouragement from women who have embarked on a path of empowerment have also been resounding there since 8 March.

Women tell their story

Finally, on Thursday, 7 March, an afternoon meeting took place in the premises of the Regione Emilia-Romagna’s Legislative Assembly, introduced by Equal Opportunities Councillor Barbara Lori, moderated by activist and writer Francesca Cavallo and featuring live illustrations by digital artist and creator Elisa Lanconelli.

Here, local institutions, associations, anti-violence centres, and other players involved in the projects financed by the two tenders promoted by the Regione, have created a collective story, taking advantage of this encounter to share good practices for writing the future, as stated in our communication campaign slogan.

 “Spelt woman, read community!”

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