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“Our silence will not protect us”, the new regional campaign against gender-based violence

By 15 December 2023No Comments

Going live from Monday 20 November, across the whole of Emilia-Romagna, the communication campaign that focuses on the regional network supporting women who are victims of violence.

Conceived, developed and managed by BAM! Strategie Culturali, the communication campaign entitled “Our silence will not protect us” (Il nostro silenzio non ci proteggerà) is being featured on web platforms, social media, radio, billboards, traditional and online media.

It is a multi-subject campaign, commissioned by the Equal Opportunities Department, designed to give a face to the people who work daily to support women who are victims of violence in anti-violence centres, centres for battered men, social and health workers, and cultural mediators…

The starting assumption that led to the development of the idea, within the current context of a serious increase in acts of violence against the female gender, is that every woman, in one way or another, has had to deal with violent dynamics at some point in her life, because dynamics such as these are socially internalised. But something is changing. Recent news stories reveal a new desire to report this violence.

Precisely because it is internalised, the response to violence passes through the community which, thanks to the Regione Emilia-Romagna, encourages people to share, to speak out and to welcome the various forms of support available.

Campaign header and visual: our silence will not protect us

The original statement, “Your silence will not protect you” is taken from Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde, and has a twofold strategic value: to encourage sharing in an implicit but assertive manner, and to trust to the credibility of the author, spreading her word even among those who do not know her.

Making Audre Lorde’s quote our own, we have decided to turn it into a warning and, above all, an exhortation, for all of us and the very community to which we belong.

By using “we”, we have created a campaign in which we urge people to keep talking. Thanks to the help of personnel working throughout the area, portrayed in the photographs taken by Riccardo Giori, the aim is to make the network of professionals and the actions put into place by the Regione Emilia-Romagna to combat and prevent gender-based violence more tangible, drawing them closer to local residents.

In line with the “real” strategy that we would like to accompany the two-year process of supporting the Equal Opportunities Department, the photographic portraits were deliberately taken in groups of two or three people against monochrome and neutral backgrounds, so as to emphasise the looks, expressions and poses of the subjects photographed, reinforcing the assertiveness of the message and helping to create a feeling of trust among those about to ask for help.

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