Project date

From analysing the context to facilitating meetings with stakeholders and local people: this is how we are supporting the Mantuan municipality in rethinking the future of the museum

The Project

The Museo Civico G. Bellini (Comune di Asola – Mantua) has started refurbishing a number of museum spaces and, in order to substantiate the physical change, it also planned to introduce a way of listening to and involving the local community through a participatory process on this occasion.


The participatory process is an opportunity to plan services in keeping with local people’s needs, as well as to make museums and libraries a central feature on a local level, assigning them the role of a civic place of aggregation and cultural enhancement.


Based on an initial analysis of the context and a benchmark analysis, BAM! will support the museum in designing a participatory process involving local residents, with a special focus on stakeholders and young people. The participation meetings will aim to gather information about the expectations, needs and requirements of the Asola community with respect to the renovated museum spaces and to cultural and personal services in general.

This will be followed by a co-design phase, during which a group formed by local people and cultural design students will look at the requirements and needs that emerged during the participation meetings, using them as the basis for co-designing the programme with activities and initiatives to be held in the renovated museum. The group will also be offered some training sessions on the topics of design, audience development and programming in cultural spaces.

Furthermore, BAM! will support the municipal offices and the museum contacts in organising an educational tour for local and national journalists, creators, small-scale influencers and bloggers, to be provided when the new spaces are opened.



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