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Project date
2023 - 2024

Live music and inclusion at the centre of a new project

The Project

Revelland is a network that brings together various European organisations working to develop new ways of enjoying live music performances, with the objective of making them more engaging and more accessible to a wider audience.

Revelland has obtained European funding in 2023 as part of the Creative Europe programme, for the development of a new project phase.


For the next two years, Revelland’s partners will work with artists, experts and a board of deaf people to develop a multisensory live performance model and test its efficacy at international festivals, including Sziget, Roskilde Festival and Cooltural Fest.

The project is headed by Possibilize, an Utrecht-based organisation that has set itself up as a platform for creating projects centred around accessibility, such as Sencity, the festival that is celebrating its twentieth year in 2023. It will be accompanied by European organisations working in the field of music, creativity and accessibility:

  • Vitamin – creative studio based in Valencia
  • Maria’s World Foundation – whose mission is to improve the quality of people with intellectual disabilities
  • EASPD – European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities
  • Live DMA – French NGO and European network that supports live music associations
  • KeepOn LIVE – the first Italian association for live music festivals and clubs, representing more than 100 organisations across the country


BAM! has come on board as a communication expert and to support the team, particularly the Italian partner KeepOn LIVe, which is in charge of the work package relating to communicating and publicising the project.

Our task is to develop a digital strategy able to highlight the specific aspects of such an innovative project. The strategy, shared with partners at the kick-off event held in Utrecht during the Sencity festival, will provide the groundwork for the work to be carried out, actively involving the partners and experts united around Revelland.

BAM! also has an operational role in the project communication, which consists of creating content and managing the web and social media channels for Revelland, providing technical and creative support for the partners’ communication activities.

Among the deliverables we edited as part of the project, is a glossary, designed for anyone who wants to learn how to express themselves in a more correct and inclusive way. The document, in interactive e-book format, was published on 3rd December 2023, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and can be browsed on the Revelland website at this link.

Lastly, we will produce the necessary output to tell the story of the project developments, such as videos that will document six project developments – created with CREMA alta pasticceria video – and a multimedia gallery for people to look through on the Revelland during a more advanced phase of the process.

Follow us and like Revelland’s social media channels if you want to get to know what the musicians involved think about it and to get tips from the “Inclusion Board”.

Ph. Riccardo Giori / CREMA video



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