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Communication and impact assessment for the second edition

The Project

Sciroppo di teatro is a cultural welfare project that aims to expand and develop audiences attending the Teatro Ragazzi. Children aged 3 to 11, together with their carers, can in fact watch the shows at a subsidised price thanks to vouchers provided by doctors, pharmacists and OTC pharmacists.
Based on the assumption that culture and the arts can generate health and wellbeing benefits, the project forges an alliance between regional and local government institutions, paediatrician and pharmacist organisations, ATER member municipalities and the theatres located in their areas.

Sciroppo di Teatro is promoted by ATER Fondazione – Circuito Regionale Multidisciplinare dell’Emilia-Romagna, in collaboration with the regional councillors for Culture, Health and Welfare, ATER member municipalities, paediatrician trade unions and scientific organisations, and pharmacies belonging to FederFarma, AssoFarm and Coop Alleanza 3.0 OTC pharmacies.


The first edition, for which BAM! looked after the communication materials and the promotion plan, produced excellent results both in terms of audience numbers and project positioning. There were approximately 12,000 spectators in total, with around half of them entering with the Sciroppo di Teatro voucher. The first edition involved: 22 ATER member municipalities; 23 theatres; 153 paediatricians; 236 pharmacies. It is also worth noting the strong interest from the Cultural Welfare Center in Turin and the fact that Sciroppo di Teatro was used as a case study at two international conferences: Inclusive Theatres and Culture For Health.

BAM! is once more working alongside ATER in the second edition, not only taking care of the communication again but also helping to assess the project’s impacts on the main beneficiaries involved.


BAM! is working alongside ATER to assess the impacts of the project, developed in partnership with the Università di Bologna. Audience questionnaires, focus groups and semi-structured interviews are the tools designed and managed by BAM! to understand the effects of “Sciroppo di Teatro” on children and their families. The impact assessment will also be extended to the theatres and the social/healthcare parties involved.

In addition, BAM! updated the graphic design for the second edition of the project and once again supported the creation of communication materials for theatres, municipalities, pharmacies and paediatric surgeries, from paper to digital, enabling the network to develop increasingly coordinated communication.


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