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Designing an impact-oriented cultural space

Il progetto

“Capovolgere all’infinito” is a project promoted by the Damatrà cooperative, financed by the Department for Family Policies as part of the “Educare insieme” call for bids, in collaboration with several other third sector organisations in Friuli, including the Puntozero cooperative.

The project aims to help inhabitants rediscover the communities they belong to, reactivating broken links and re-inhabiting city spaces through workshops, educational, training and relational experiences. The project involves a number of different territories and spaces in the province of Udine, including “Cjase di Catine” in Fagagna.


The partnership chose BAM! Strategie Culturali to assess the project’s impacts, particularly in the Fagagna area.

Once the beneficiaries and impact targets have been identified, BAM! will support Damatrà in defining the indicators and tools needed to monitor the change generated

Based on the assessment results and thanks also to a process of participation and listening to local citizens, BAM! will work alongside Damatrà in co-planning with the beneficiaries of the renovated space, the current headquarters of the Damatrà cooperative, “Cjase di Catine”.


or “Capovolgere all’infinito” we have:

  • held a training course on impact assessment for socio-cultural workers involved in the project;
  • selected the most appropriate impact assessment method on the basis of the specific characteristics of this project;
  • conducted a strategic workshop with Damatrà cooperative workers to formulate their vision of change through the ToC (Theory of Change) approach;
  • prepared the monitoring plan and set up the survey tools (questionnaires for adults and children, focus groups)

In addition to this:

  • we will analyse the project audiences and implement the strategic audience development plan for Cjase di Catine;
  • we will plan two days of co-design workshops with the beneficiaries to come up with ideas on how the Cjase di Catine space can be used.


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