A study day proposed by the General Directorate for Museums to set out the new ministerial directives on promotion agreements and public-private partnerships.

The Project

Numerous representatives from the Ministry of Culture, the regions and municipalities took part in the “Promotion agreements as a shared tool for cultural planning” study day.
Targeted at autonomous institutions, regional museum directorates and public/private entities involved in cultural planning, the study day sets out the theoretical and practical framework of this specific aspect of cultural promotion.


The study day was planned to set out the theoretical framework for the subject of promotion agreements, with specific insights into the issue of public/private relations.


The study day is divided into two separate moments that complement each other. An initial theoretical framework, outlining the legal institution, the purposes and scope of promotion agreements, is followed by the presentation of multiple perspectives through the analysis of several Italian case studies selected for their relevance to cultural planning relations between the public and private sectors.
BAM! supported the Italian Ministry of Culture’s General Directorate for Museums in organising, promoting and reporting on the day and in producing the ebook that brings together the theoretical frameworks and cases presented during the day.


Project presentation on the website of the Italian Ministry of Culture’s General Directorate for Museums
Study day recording

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