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Connecting museums, not just online

By 9 September 2019May 22nd, 2020No Comments

A day in Chioggia at the end of the Europeo Innocultour, to reflect on new technology, digital equipment and tourism promotion at Veneto’s two civic museums.

On Tuesday, 10 September, the Regione del Veneto is organising “Un museo in Connessione” workshop at the Museo Civico in Chioggia, targeted at people working in the tourism and culture sector. The theme? The combination of tradition and new technology for a more engaging museum visit and the development of new tourism and cultural itineraries in cities and across the region.

The event is dedicated to promoting the two Veneto museums involved in the project – the Museo Civico della Laguna Sud di Chioggia and the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi di Rovigo – as strategic places, suitable for inclusion in itineraries built around so-called slow tourism, which looks to get away from traditional mass tourism destinations, instead looking for quality and a real connection with the local culture and area in the tourism experience.

BAM!, together with the Regione del Veneto, worked alongside the two museums on the project for one year, analysing the context provided for by the European project (through local focus groups and workshops among other things) and producing a strategic guidelines document for the cultural promotion and positioning of the museums in the tourism industry.

BAM! will present some of its findings during this event, highlighting the challenges, opportunities and potential lines of action for promoting museums effectively. During the day, among the other presentations and debates, participants will be introduced to the new visitor’s route around the Museo di Chioggia that uses beacon technology.

Click here for more information about the event. Participation in the event is free of charge, subject to booking.


Photo Museo della Laguna Sud di Chioggia, Museo dei Grandi Fiumi di Rovigo e Action s.r.l.