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A European project for the promotion of Adriatic cultural heritage. Strategic consultancy from BAM! for the Regione Veneto

The project

INNOCULTOUR is a project that focuses on innovation and the promotion of Adriatic cultural heritage as a driving force for boosting tourism. It is funded as part of the Italy-Croatia Interreg Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020.
The project involves five partners dotted around the East and West Adriatic: Regione del Veneto, Regione Molise, Museo di Storia Naturale di Fiume, RERA Agenzia di Sviluppo Territoriale di Spalato (HR) and the lead partner Delta2000.


BAM! Strategie Culturali is taking part in the project as an expert in cultural and regional marketing. The Regione Veneto has asked it to provide strategic consultancy regarding the promotion of the region’s two cultural sites that feature in the programme: the Museo della Laguna Sud di Chioggia (owned by the Comune di Chioggia) and the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi di Rovigo (Comune di Rovigo).


On the basis of the task it has been assigned by the Regione Veneto, BAM! is carrying out a regional analysis and collecting data on the areas covered by the two museums and on the museums themselves. It aims to draw up a cultural and tourism marketing strategy proposal based on the heritage housed within the Museo dei Grandi Fiumi di Rovigo and the Museo Civico della Laguna Sud di Chioggia. These activities comply with the objective of promoting the local heritage and developing new methods of involving, consolidating and boosting visitor numbers, with a particular focus on young people.

BAM! has provided its expert support on two additional levels:

  • co-planning the discussions envisaged by the project, on subjects such as local marketing and tourism promotion: two focus groups with local stakeholders and two workshops at museums with students from Chioggia and Rovigo;
  • assessing the promotional plans of the museums involved in the project, received as a result of the Joint Call Competition, a competition targeted at the creative industries, promoted by the five partners involved in the project.

BAM! is also part of the Technical Tourism and Culture Expert Group (TTCEG), a discussion group involving the experts put forward by each partner in the INNOCULTOUR project.


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