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Horizon Europe: new calls for the culture, creativity and inclusive society cluster

By 30 November 2023No Comments

We have analysed the calls and topics to identify possible areas of intervention. Let’s take a closer look…

12 topics Destination 1 – Innovative Research on Democracy and Governance

If you are actively engaged in research and innovation in the field of democracy and governance, then these topics represent an excellent opportunity. Horizon Europe’s Destination 1 offers twelve topics specifically aimed at promoting innovative research on various themes.

Some of the topics are of great interest to BAM! because they involve themes that we see as being central to cultural design, such as broadening participation, stakeholder engagement and focusing on the values we hold dear. They certainly include these four:

  • Future scenarios and young visions for European democracy 2040,
  • Protest politics and cultures of opposition in democracy,
  • Gender-roles in extremist movements and their impact on democracy,
  • Culture, the arts and cultural spaces for democratic participation and political expression, online and offline.

Among other aspects, we are particularly interested in the focus on inclusion, the integration of the digital dimension and the offline world, the role of culture and the arts in creating democratic spaces for political participation and expression, and the attention to gender issues.

The required working methods are challenging, with some topics in particular making it necessary to integrate the development of new models of involvement and participation to achieve innovative results or to adopt interdisciplinary approaches based on the use of ICT and AI technology,

There is certainly a lot of work to be done in terms of developing models and methodologies and focusing on issues central to the contemporary debate.

5 Topics Destination 2 – Innovative Research on the European Cultural Heritage and the Cultural and Creative Industries

For people like ourselves working in the field of cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries, Horizon Europe’s Destination 2 offers five topics. They are designed to support research and innovation in order to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and the strengthening of European cultural and creative industries.

  • Strategies to strengthen the European linguistic capital in a globalised world,
  • New European Bauhaus – Innovative solutions for greener and fairer ways of life through arts and culture, architecture and design for all,
  • Europe’s cultural heritage and arts – promoting our values at home and abroad,
  • Leverage the digital transition for competitive European cultural and creative industries,
  • Cultural and creative industries for a sustainable climate transition.

All five touch upon central themes in BAM!’s recent work, such as the digital transition and the ecological transition of cultural and creative organisations. We found it particularly interesting how culture is called upon to play an active role in promoting and disseminating a greener approach (not acting as a mere receiver of solutions).

11 Topics Destination 3 – Innovative Research on Social and Economic Transformations

In this case, the topics covered relating to socio-economic aspects are wide and varied. From the labour market to the development of synergies between new technologies (such as artificial intelligence) and “human” skills, by supporting the younger population from the world of education to the world of work.

Out of all the calls, Arts and cultural awareness and expression in education and training jumped out at us. This is something that goes hand in hand with many of our work themes, especially the relationship between education, art and culture.

Two days of information and networking

On 18 October, the European Commission has organised an online information event on the 2024 calls for Cluster 2 Culture, Creativity and Inclusive society. For information on how to participate, please visit the official event page on the European Commission website. On the following day, 19 October, there will be an online networking event for meeting potential partners. For all the necessary information and details of how to take part, please visit the official page.

We’ll be there. Will we see you live online?

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