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Museomix gets underway. Florence and Ancona await!

By 4 November 2019February 4th, 2020No Comments

Italy’s third Museomix starts in just a few hours! A creative three-day marathon to remix the Museo della Città di Ancona and the Museo di Antropologia ed Etnologia in Florence

The event that will be taking place from 8 to 10 November at eleven museums in six different countries, from Italy to Ecuador, is all about collaboration, sharing and new technology.

Museomix is a collaborative cultural event and an international community. It is held in a number of different museums around the world on the same weekend. In 2019 it will cover Belgium, Ecuador, Switzerland, France, Canada and Italy.

It involves three days of intellectual and manual teamwork to develop innovative proposals designed to boost use of the collections through “prototypes” that can be tested directly by the public during the final hours of the marathon session. Here at BAM!, working alongside IBC Emilia-Romagna and a number of professionals in the culture sector, we’ve been contributing to Museomix at Italian museums since 2016. From Friday to Sunday, we’ll be getting involved again in Florence and Ancona.

More specifically, this year at Museomix we’ll be looking to coordinate the measurement of the Italian results. We’ll be using specific tools, developed especially for the purpose on the basis of previous experiences, firstly as observers, then as joint organisers and, lastly, as Museomixers working within a team. We have prepared the following for this occasion:

  • questionnaires for the public who visit the museum on Sunday afternoon to test the prototypes
  • questionnaires to collect post-event feedback from participants in the creative marathon, but also from those who helped the museum to stage the event
  • interviews with the museums (management, admin, staff), local partners (associations, businesses, professionals who contributed to organising Museomix) and local cultural policy makers.

This latter qualitative survey is designed to measure the impact of Museomix on the museum and on the local community. In a year’s time, a comparison of the results will allow us to understand what kind of outcome has been produced by the two museums’ decision to broaden their horizons and open their doors to the local community and the remix process.

Right from the start this year, the two museums have focused particularly on opening up to local residents, organising numerous Aperomix and demonstrating the potential of Museomix to those outside the sector.

Everyone is invited to experience the remixed collections for themselves over the next few days. The two museums have scheduled a variety of public initiatives for this purpose: At the Museo della Città di Ancona, the prototypes will remain on display at the museum and there will be a number of meetings with professionals in the sector to assess the impact of the prototypes on the city fabric. At the Museo di Antropologia ed Etnologia di Firenze, from 5:30 p.m. on the Sunday, the Oculus Quest headset stations set up by the Festival dei Popoli inside the museum will give people the chance to watch the VR screening of The Italian Baba directed by Omar Rashid and Elio Germano, which will take them on a voyage of discovery of distant Indian lands.

Follow the Museomix marathon on BAM!’s and Museomix Italia’s social media channels: