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What is meant by European projects?

European projects provide cultural organisations with opportunities for growth, comparison and dialogue. They offer opportunities for staff training, production mobility, building international partnerships and, above all, modernising your outlook.

The European Union budget for cultural projects has grown over the years. Funding devoted to other sectors is also increasingly making space for and providing support to projects in which culture can play a strategic role.

BAM! can support your project during different phases of the process: guiding you through the choice of the most appropriate funding programme, developing a credible and sound application, managing certain aspects of the project as a supplier or becoming a project partner. We can work alongside you in capacity building, in audience development strategies, or even in publicising, circulating and promoting your project results.

Guidance and Planning

  • Scouting for possible sources of EU funding: Creative Europe, Media, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Interreg
  • Benchmarking and mapping similar projects
  • Consultancy during the project construction and partner search phase
  • Beneficiary and stakeholder reporting strategy
  • Assistance with completing candidacy and budget forms
  • Management of relations with European agencies

Communication and Reporting

  • Brand identity and digital strategy
  • Website and social media activation
  • Creation of a communication plan
  • Target group, segment and behavioural study
  • Potential audience mapping and development plan
  • Audience Development
  • Event mapping and reporting hubs
  • Management of relations with media partners and the press

Training and Project Management

  • Organisation of workshops and training for beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • Monitoring and evaluation of project objectives
  • Communication support within the partnership
  • Production of intermediate and final, technical and financial reports for the European Commission

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