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Working towards audience engagement and enlargement, with a new graphic identity

The Project

Città e Città Festival is the summer date with contemporary theatre in Modena, a Drama Teatro initiative launched in 2015. Now in its sixth year, this year’s festival will be adding a few new features to the programme, designed to boost the sense of theatrical community and “city within a city” that characterised the previous years.


Looking ahead to the 2020 edition (postponed until a later date due to the current health crisis), Drama Teatro decided to involve BAM! in order to redevelop its festival communication on the basis of a more strategic approach. Thank to BAM!’s external viewpoint and the experience of its members of staff, this has become an opportunity to assess the activities carried out to date and plan new ones to promote the innovations for the next festival, capitalising on the results achieved over previous years, actively involving the current theatre community and enlarging the event audience.


BAM! worked alongside Drama Teatro to rethink the Città e Città Festival communication strategy by:

  • running a workshop with the festival staff,
  • drawing up communication guidelines,
  • establishing a publishing plan,

developing new creativity for the 2020 edition.


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