Project date
2020 - 2022

A two-year process to acquaint a young audience with the spaces of the Teatro Regio di Torino and what it has to offer

The Project

Regio Digital Board is an engagement process dedicated to students and young professionals in the digital, technology and innovation sector, and to culture and performing art enthusiasts, which has been developed by the Teatro Regio di Torino and BAM!

The project is funded by the Open2Change tender organised by the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, designed to develop processes and products within the field of audience development.


The two-year process was outlined in response to the objectives in the Open2Change tender: “generating dynamics of management, organisational and planning change fostered by the presence of an innovator

This process of change specific to the Regio Digital Board project focused on one of the theatre’s biggest needs: to acquaint a younger audience with the opera house and therefore to expand the Regio’s cultural offering, providing new keys to interpreting the language of opera.


In the light of these considerations, the Regio Digital Board project was developed in two macro areas, one focused on organisational change and capacity building within the institution and the other on audience diversification and expansion (18–30-year-olds).

BAM!’s role, as envisaged by the Open2Change tender, is in fact that of “innovator”, as a party with experience and expertise entrusted with supervising the entire process step-by-step alongside the institution, within a logic of shared project management.

An important part of the process involves forming the Regio Digital Board, a permanent consultation and co-planning committee to help the theatre build a new relationship with the audience of young people aged 18–30, starting in the metropolitan area of Turin.

With BAM!’s support, numerous activities will be put into place over the course of two years, both inside and outside the Teatro Regio. They will start with an audience analysis, which will use tools such as questionnaires and focus groups with students and local residents aged 18 to 30, before moving on to staff capacity building, thanks to three training modules to be completed over the two-year period.

The development of innovative digital prototypes to be given to the institution will be assigned to a theatre hackathon, a digital marathon for inquiring minds, students and start-ups interested in digital innovation and performing arts.

In order to contribute to the success of these activities, the Regio Digital Board, supported by BAM!, will act as a consultation body, holding periodical coordination meetings and more. In fact it will help the theatre identify specific marketing activities for the 18–30 target group.


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